Sunday, 18 April 2010


Today's post is all about hearing things, not seeing things. This morning we had a wonderful long and warm walk in Dunwich forest, which was alive with wildlife. We've decided that Dunwich is near enough to mention in this blog, although Middleton probably doesn't count, more of which in a moment.

On the lower part of the forest, where both the herds of ponies are able to see each other across the water, we heard the first boom of a bittern. We had been reading all about the practice sounds that the males have been making this week but there he was definitely 'booming' away at the top of his voice. The whole area was teeming with birds and we recorded them in the log book in the hide.

In need to refreshment we called at the Middleton Bell and overheard the locals discussing having seen the first swallows in their village, anyone seen any in Walberswick yet?

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