Thursday, 29 April 2010

First swim in the sea

No pictures to prove it I'm afraid but there were witnesses. The hardened sea swimmers were on the beach yesterday as I went past on my morning run and they looked so very warm in the still water that I felt a pull towards the madness. On my way home to get my swim things I bumped into Toby and Kate Robinson, who were very encouraging, well actually Toby 'dared' me to go in, so that was it! First swim of the year.

By the time I returned Denis and John were out of the water so I asked if they wouldn't mind waiting till I had gone in, incase I drowned, or had a heart attack... They were very supportive and gave me many tips on how to become a true Walberswick swimmer, a dip every day and some neoprene boots seem to be the way to go. This morning I had to go early due to commitments and went in on my own, I missed being clapped as I went in but I''m determined to keep this up. Hoping to drag Mertz in at the weekend too.

We had a lovely walk in the woods later and it was interesting to see how few leaves were through, the hornbeam has been first to come though into leaf and so the sun is still reaching the woodland flowers below.

The celandines are carpeting the woodland floor now and the blue bells are on their way, but most impressive are the subtle wild orchids, with their mottled leaves poking through the grass. I got a good harvest of wild garlic yesterday and am going to attempt some wild garlic pesto later, it hasn't flowered yet so I might have another go as the flowers have such a lovely flavour.

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